Our wine cellar

Our Wine Cellar

Discover all the wines that have been selected over the months with rigor and passion.

Serve your friends, family, build your cellar, offer, or simply consume for fun!

For wine more than for the rest. Man is at the center of everything. It is indeed the man who chooses the terroir on which he will plant his vine, choose his grape variety and compel this vine to give him the best of his fruit.

It is also the latter who will choose the best mode of vinification to sublimate the fruit and the magic of its transformation and you who choose it subjectively, to share it with your friends.

It is our work, our passion … Meet other men who will relay the enthusiasm, make it share in their turn, happy of their discovery.

A chain will thus be created around your wine, all this is just the story of your life in my life.

Wine testing

Our cellar for your pleasure!

We make it a point of honor to make you discover areas of all regions of France.

Wake up your taste buds during our tastings, for which we choose wines and spirits to discover.

Take your pick from our selection to have it served in our restaurant or take it home!


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